September 2020

Catering Van Insurance in London

Catering Van Insurance (burger van, food van, etc) Do you have a catering van in London?  Are you thinking of getting a catering van to operate in London?  If so, this article is for you: A catering van is a great step on the ladder to self employment and/or into the catering industry.  Whichever type […]

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Burger Vans

Burger Vans Burgers are a staple of the great British diet and come in a variety of forms. Burgers come in many variations from the higher priced gourmet style burgers to the fast food options more commonly associated as an ‘on the go’ favourite. Historically, at the lower end of the price range are burgers

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Kebab Vans

Kebab Vans Kebab’s are one of the most popular foods in the UK. Originating from Turkey, over 1.3 million meat filled pittas are consumed each day of the week by Britons[1] up and down the country. Kebab vans are a well-known feature of many of the towns and cities across the UK. Seen regularly working

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