Ice Cream Van Insurance

Ice Cream Van Insurance

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Ice Cream Van Insurance 
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Ice cream van INSURANCE


All makes and models can be covered and our policies are specially designed to cover all the vehicle’s fixtures and fittings (machines/freezers etc) as standard. Our bespoke Ice Cream Van facility is available through our own direct agencies from a panel of UK based insurers and will keep you moving with all the cover your mobile catering business needs.

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insurance for ice cream vans?

Ice Cream Van Insurance
If you are looking for Ice Cream Van Insurance, then you have come to the right place. Please request a quote now.
Why insure your Ice Cream Van with us?

We offer exclusive insurance for Ice Cream Vans.

Benefits Include:
  • Instant cover for your ice cream business available
  • Free Quote within minutes
  • Full FIXTURES & FITTINGS Cover as standard
  • Access to a replacement Ice Cream Van in event of a non-fault claim (ask for details)
  • Any Driver options available
  • Discounts for members of catering associations

Catering Insurance is one of UK’s leading Catering Insurance providers.

We have been operating for many years and we have more than 10,000 happy customers.

We  have a team of highly experienced professionals who can help you find the right insurance for your Ice Cream Van.

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All makes and models can be covered and our policies are specially designed to cover all the vehicle’s fixtures and fittings (machines/freezers etc) as standard. 

Our bespoke Catering Vehicle facility is available through our own direct agencies from a panel of UK based insurers and will keep you moving with all the cover your mobile catering business needs.

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looking for Ice cream Van insurance?

What ever your type of ice  cream van, be it a soft ice cream van, hard ice cream van, Bedford CF ice cream van, Ford Transit ice cream van all up to one of Whitby Morrisons flag ship model ice cream vans,  the experienced team of ice cream van insurance specialists  at Catering Insurance have an ice cream van insurance policy that insures your ice cream van for accidents, fires, thefts & malicious damage. What our ice cream van insurance policies do is to cover your ice cream van and its permanent fixture’s and fittings.

Our ice cream van insurance policy is provided by a number of leading insurers. Amongst them is an ice cream van insurance policy provided by Aviva who have many discounts available to you which include no claims bonus discounts for your ice cream van insurance and you may also qualify for a membership discount if you belong to catering associations and affiliations. These discounts which apply to your ice cream van insurance quote are for members of the Ice Cream Alliance and also for NCASS members requiring ice cream van insurance.

Its not unusual to hear of new ice cream vans costing £100,000. If you’re investing in one of these rest assured that Catering Insurance can still offer you peace of mind and full cover for your ice cream van. Along with discounts for Ice Cream Alliance and NCASS members our insurers will offer a discount for ice cream vans fitted with Thatcham approved tracking and vehicle recovery systems.

If you are looking to make a move into the ice cream van business world our ice cream van insurance quotes take some licking. Our Aviva ice cream van policies have a facility which can reward your claim free driving experience from private cars, taxis and company cars. (proof will be required). The ice cream van insurance quote we can provide will include up to  65% NCB discount and provide you with Comprehensive ice cream van cover. We can even offer an insurance quotation for you which will allow any driver over 25 to drive but remember the more drivers you have the higher your premium will be. To take advantage of premium reductions ice cream van insurance quotes where you can restrict the drivers on your insurance policy will give you a lower insurance quote for your ice cream van policy.

We can also provide, as most insurance brokers do who offer ice cream van insurance quotes, a policy that in the event of a non-fault accident offers a service for recovery of your insurance policy excess and loss of earnings cover whilst your ice cream van is off the road following a non-fault accident where there is a known third party. However, what sets us apart is that should you be involved in such an accident, if you have chosen to include this cover you can be provided with a “similar” ice cream van to your own so you may carry on with your ice cream business at shows or events.

To complement your ice cream van insurance policy we can also supply insurance quotes for your ice cream business liability cover. Under our liability insurance policy, we can cover your ice cream van business for £10m public, product and employer’s liability. This policy also has options for stock and money cover which may not necessarily be covered by your ice cream van insurance policy.

If you’re looking for a cheap ice cream van insurance quote and want to discuss your ice cream van  insurance requirements, please speak to one of our experts.

Frequently Asked questions

1)  Can I get an online insurance quote for my ice cream van?

We find that although online systems pick up it’s a Mercedes Sprinter, but may not take into consideration at it’s an ice cream van too.  If you have got an online quote speak to the insurer and get their confirmation that the insurance policy will cover you and your ice-cream van correctly.  Why not then compare that quote with a policy we can offer you.  We will definitely ensure you and your Ice-Cream Van are insured correctly.

2)  What options do I have when its no longer the ice cream season?

Along with the standard option to cancel your insurance then reinsure it later which may incorporate administration fees both when cancelling and re-setting up the policy as well as the potential of losing the No Claims Bonus you have earned up to the end of the Ice-Cream Season.  Our Aviva Ice-Cream Van insurance policy allows you to take your vehicle off the road but keeping the peace of mind that protection remains against Fire and Theft (Laid-Up Cover).  Not only will this create a discount on your premium but your No Claims Bonus continues (providing no claims have been made), which will benefit you when the policy falls due for renewal and you get the peace of mind your Ice-Cream Van is protected whilst not in use.

3)  Can I pay over an installment plan?

Yes, we can offer payment plans, but these will attract an interest charge. If you’re interested in payment options the team member you speak to will explain the options available to you.

4) Will I have an excess on my ice cream van insurance policy?

Typically, the policy excess will have a £150 excess. We will always advise you clearly what excess applies to your ice cream van insurance quote. You can increase this which may reduce the premium of your insurance quote but be aware your policy excess may change if drivers are young and inexperienced or have a history of claims & insurance losses. Again, the team member you speak to will explain these.

5)  Can I protect my no claims bonus and how much will it increase my ice cream van insurance quote by?

Yes, you can protect your No Claims Bonus free of charge once you have earned 5 years or more.  This is one of the fantastic benefits of our Aviva Ice-Cream Van Insurance Policy. 

6) Do I get a courtesy vehicle if my van is off the road awaiting repairs?

Because there isn’t fleets of ice cream vans sitting around waiting to be hired out this isn’t possible BUT we can offer a facility which in the event on a non-fault accident will provide a similar vehicle to yours for you to continue trading.

7) I’m looking to start a new business will my insurance be expensive?

This is dependent many difference factors, but we can mirror private car no claim discounts, give discounts for limited mileage and also if you chose to become a member of catering trade affiliations and associations. With these discounts we certainly hope not.

8) Is there an age limit to the ice cream vans I can get insurance for?

No. We can cover ice cream vans and indeed catering vans from Bedford CF’s with Perkins diesel engines, Citron H vans and even cars that have been converted to sell ice cream!

9) Do your policies cover young drivers?

We can cover drivers aged 21 and upwards with a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 1 year.

10) Why should I insure with you?

Because we understand you, your van and your business means as much to us as it does to you. Hence we use quality insurers who pride themselves on their customer service.

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