The Importance and Benefits of Catering Insurance


The Importance and Benefits of Catering Insurance

More so than anywhere else in the country no matter how dedicated your team, how brilliant your chef, or how much of a wiz with cocktails your bar staff are, there is going to be a time when you will need insurance for your London catering business.  For any new London business, factoring in insurance is a crucial part of the process when working out your costs and expenditure.  Not only is some insurance compulsory, but you don’t want to literally bet your house on nothing going wrong or the need to fight claims, however unjustified you feel they are.  People will find things to complain about and these complaints can very quickly develop into insurance claims. To skip buying robust cover is like stepping onto the M25 blindfolded and with ear plugs in.  Yes, foolish, so please don’t be a fool!

As said, in London especially insurance is essential to protect the financial stability of your business.  Because your London business is unique, you need the right insurance for your needs to protect you and your family should the need arise.  There are so many catering businesses in London and it is such a competitive market.  Insurance is one corner you should not cut for your London business. 

Things can happen, Things do happen, often when you least expect them to, things like:

A member of staff trips whilst carrying something hot and scalds themselves, they are taken to hospital and cannot work for three weeks. However careful you and your staff are, an accident could happen at work and employer’s liability insurance will protect you if your staff decide to claim against you. 

A customer bites on a bone in a filleted item, it dislodges a filling and they have to undergo expensive dental treatment.   A vital part of the insurance you take out is the public liability insurance to cover you against claims from the public.  People claim for the most bizarre things and it really is imperative to be covered.

Or, maybe several people go down with food poisoning having eaten at your establishment.  A quick insurance response will reduce the bad publicity that this could bring to your business. Just imagine what could happen if you don’t have insurance to call on?  Frightening isn’t it?

There are several aspects of the insurance that you need such as food liability insurance, food business insurance, financial loss and many more aspects that when you consider it are vital for your piece of mind.  Things like accidental death cover and legal expenses.  This is certainly not an exhaustive list, you need to work out what you need with your broker and cover anything that you might need for your London based business.

Of course, you hope to never need the cover, but at some time you will need your insurance and be grateful that you have it.  Insurance MUST be an essential part of your London business.  Not only for your peace of mind, or, because some of it is compulsory.  You need the insurance because you are a responsible employer and caterer and having the insurance will ensure one less thing to worry about in the high pressure world of running a catering business in London.  You want the best possible help setting up the insurance for your London business and with over 50 years of experience then Catering is the obvious and best choice: http://localhost/cateringinsurance2/

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