The Best Way To Limit Your Pizza Shop Overheads


The Best Way To Limit Your Pizza Shop Overheads

Even when business is brisk, it’s important to make sure that you keep your profits high and your overheads low. Knowing what to spend money on is vital in any business but knowing where to make the right savings probably matters even more.

A good place to start is by looking at portion control. Considering that food costs are the second largest expense after wages for most pizza businesses, it makes sense to manage your margins.  Make sure you are precise about portion and serving sizes, and the weights or totals of the ingredients used as toppings – you might need to create specific visual guides for the staff members preparing the pizzas, so that they come out the same, every time.  It’s worth making sure that staff are aware of the right ways to use leftover ingredients too, so that no food is wasted.  Another great option is to use pre-made dough balls and pizza crusts. These can be bought fresh or frozen, and the benefit is that you’ll get a consistent product, for a consistent bottom line, with no wastage. Unless it’s part of your USP, if you’re still making these by hand, it’s probably time to reconsider.

When it comes to your equipment, you might be tempted to focus on the kit in the kitchen, but you should also consider your lighting, as this can often be a significant factor in your energy bills, and one that you can control. Remember to turn off unnecessary lighting, including signage, at times when it is not valuable for it to be on, and replace energy-burning bulbs with LED ones, minimising your costs and improving the longevity of your lighting as well. Your ovens are a high source of energy use you can’t avoid, so make sure you service and maintain them regularly, to keep them running efficiently. Equally, don’t overstock freezers, but give the air room to circulate properly. If you can organise your freezers so that everything is easily accessible, it will mean your staff spend less time with the door open, again using less power.

Finally, paying for local print advertising is expensive, and with some research and time, you can use your social media streams to do this work for you, at a fraction of the price. So, don’t be afraid to be your own publicist and to let your local community know where you are digitally rather than in print.

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