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    We provide mobile and fixed site catering insurance quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices. Our highly experienced team is ready to help you.  Customer satisfaction is our priority. We value our customers and are committed to providing a high standard of service. Catering Insurance is your first choice for catering related insurances.

    We are one of UK’s leading Catering Insurance brokers. We Insurance all types of Catering businesses, including: Restaurants, Takeaways, Fish and Chip Shops, Catering Vans, Catering Trailers, Ice Cream Vans and much more. We have been selling Catering Insurance for many years. We have a specialist team of Catering Insurance specialists, who would love to hear from you. To get a free no-obligation quote, please fill in the quote form or give us a call. We will be able to guide you through the entire process, and find the best deal for you. Our prices are competitive and our quotes are not on comparison websites. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Find out now how much you could potentially save on Catering Insurance. 


    If you are looking for Catering Insurance, then you have come to the right place. Please request a quote now. We offer insurance for:

    WHY US?

    Catering Insurance is one of the leading Catering Insurance brokers in the UK.


    We have been operating for many years and we have more than 10,000 happy customers.


    We have a dedicated team of Catering Specialists, who would love to hear from you. We can help tailor your Catering policy to your needs.


    Get in touch with us today by filling in the quote form above and a friendly member of our team will contact you shortly after to arrange a quote.


    We would love to hear from you.


    Most people enjoy watching TV shows like Master Chef and The Great British Bake Off. We all love food. If you work in the Catering industry, you know that it is super fun but that it can also be very unpredictable. Every day is like a new adventure and you get to meet new people.


    However, this dynamic and fast-paced environment exposes you to different types of risks, such as:


    • A member of the public gets food poisoning due to your food
    • A member of the public gets injured by your equipment or at your premises
    • A member of staff causes damage to property
    • Equipment goes missing
    • You open the hatch of your
    • Catering Van and it injures a child standing behind it
    • Hot food gets spilled on guests at an event
    • You spill a cup of hot coffee on a customer and it burns their hand
    • There is a fire or a flood that renders your work space unusable
    • Your Catering Trailer gets stolen/damaged
    • Your stored items go bad due a faulty freezer
    • Your employees injure themselves

    These types of incidents could cost you a lot of time, grief and money. Not having the correct type of insurance cover can lead to legal cases and leaves you financially vulnerable.


    That’s why many caterers take on Catering Insurance. This gives them reassurance and it takes the risk away from business.


    We understand that your first priorities are to prevent accidents from happening – but as careful as you might be, accidents do happen.


    If you need trailer insurance, click here:

    Our Catering policies provide the cover you need, to give you your peace of mind and to protect you against any incidents if they arise.

    Getting the right insurance policy with us will cover you against compensation and legal fees. Our specialists in the Catering team will be able to explain everything to you in simple terms.

    It’s a very straight forward process with Catering Insurance. Our Catering specialists will take care of everything for you. You can then focus on cooking up exciting new recipes for your customers.




    Our quotes are not on price comparison websites, so please don’t hesitate to get a quote from our site.

    We know how tiring and time consuming it can be searching for Catering Insurance quotes online. Our team of Catering specialists will be able to explain everything in simple terms and provide you with the quote you need.




    Our prices are very competitive. We know that our customers want the best possible policy for the cheapest price. That’s what we aim to deliver.




    More than 10,000 customers have trusted us with their insurance and counting! No company is too big or too small for us. We have insured all types of Catering businesses.

    Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.




    Catering is a highly regulated industry, so it’s vital that you understand the regulations relevant to your business.

    Don’t panic, you are in good hands with Catering Insurance. Our Catering Team combined, has over 50 years of Catering industry knowledge! We are one of UK’s leading Insurance brokers in this industry.

    You may have done some research online and the insurance jargon online may have confused you even more! Don’t worry, please rest assured that when you speak to our specialist Catering team, they will be able to explain everything in simple terms. They will assess everything and make sure you get the right type of cover hassle free.




    We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. We have been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Please read our excellent reviews by other caterers like you, by clicking here.




    We offer instant catering insurance cover. There is no need to wait for your documents. Your policy documents will be emailed to you shortly after, because we are going paperless – to save the trees and the environment.




    We offer flexible payment options on many of our products, so please ask one of our advisors to ascertain whether you can pay in instalments for your specific Catering Insurance policy.



    At Catering Insurance, we understand that the risks facing each Catering business may be different.

    Our expert Catering team will be able to tailor the Catering Insurance policy around your needs. The policy they arrange for you, will protect your livelihood.

    As your business grows, we will be able to tailor the Catering policy further to your needs. This way, we can ensure that you are always insured against a variety of eventualities.




    Catering businesses are all different. Some are static and other Catering businesses are mobile and move around. Fortunately, we offer insurance to both mobile and static site catering businesses.




    In the unfortunate event of you having to make a claim, we will help you all the way. We will not let you down in that critical time.


    24/7 HELP LINE


    The catering industry operates 24/7, so whenever you need help – you can get help.




    We only work with A-Rated insurers, to give you optimum security and reassurance.

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    “I thought the policy and prices and the service from Emma was 10/10. I’m very happy with the experience!” ~ Ibrahim Mevlana
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    “My experience in dealing with Catering Insurance was made easy and everything was explained fully by Sukhi. I would definitely recommend your company!” ~ John McDade
    Sukhi Basrai
    “Catering Insurance were helpful and friendly especially Adrian who sorted our van insurance out quickly. I would highly recommend this company.” ~ Angela Attwood
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