Starting A Successful Catering Van


Starting A Successful Catering Van

Catering vans never go out of style, but it takes some ingenuity to keep them popular, stylish and above all profitable. They offer owners and customers convenience, and you can be sure that whenever there’s a big event running, the full range of culinary styles will be represented, from the everyday to the exotic. But what styles of food are best suited to being prepared and served from a catering van, and what dishes sell best, every day?

Customers love choice, so it’s always a great move to give them a range of options to help boost your van’s income. However, too many options just make things complicated, and it can be best to stick to a limited theme and do it well. Apart from making sure your food is delicious, well packaged, smells great and is served with a smile, you might want to consider these top three styles as a great place to start, if you don’t want to follow the burger crowd:

Coming top of the list is the catering van staple, pizza. With minimal equipment needed for successfully preparing or cooking a great pizza, your set-up costs can be kept low and your menu all begun from similar bases, leaving you to concentrate on great toppings and mouth-watering flavour combinations.  Don’t forget that everything can be prepared in advance too, meaning there’s very little wastage and lots of high profit margins.

Coming second on the list is a desert truck. These are really gaining in popularity and a well-set up van selling a range of delicious puddings can be popular and profitable in a short space of time. Vans like this need to focus on display and style in order to position themselves as a go-to option after the burgers have been eaten, but connect up with some other providers who run complimentary vans, and you’ll be successful.

Breakfast vans are a great option, if you’re strategic about your pitch. Put yourself in a popular market or travel location or corner the market near the tents at a festival and you’ll find a strong market for customers who want a healthy start to start the day. Make your own granola mix, toast or mix your own cereals in the van or offer some luxury toast and topping options and you’ll be serving breakfast all day. Customers willing to pay for breakfast want something special, so be prepared to balance innovative or luxury options with more profitable staples and give your customers choice, depending on their price points.

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