Ice cream vans 99 Please!


Ice cream vans 99 Please!

The lure of the open road, the smell of the sea, the squawk of the seagulls overhead.  That perfect location linear between land and sea.  That’s what many of us dream about when we think of becoming an ice cream van vendor.  How many also remember their first 99?

Nostalgia is a strong factor in driving ice cream van sales.  There are few things more nostalgic than the memories of 99’s.  The tantalising melting soft vanilla Ice cream and the flake chocolate sticking out of the top.  Thinking about it now is enough to make my mouth water as I am taking on a trip down memory lane and the delicacy of a real 99, luscious soft white ice cream and the crumbly flaky chocolate.   

So, where did 99 get its name from:

The name 99 comes from Italy, from a royal court where the king specifically chose a top guard of 99 men.  Subsequently anything that was the best became known as 99.

We know that in the 1920’s Italian immigrants were opening ice cream businesses in the UK, so it is logical that when they created the best possible portable ice cream they called it 99.

Originally, back in the day when an original flake was much longer than it is today, the ice cream vendors had to break the flake in half to stick a flake in the top of the ice cream.  If you are wondering why they didn’t just stick a whole flake in; remember we are talking about Italians here, who are icons of style.  The whole flake was too long, the look was not right.  Half a flake was just perfect!

Eventually, the makers of flake chocolate bar caught on and started to produce boxes of half length flakes especially for the ice cream trade.   

These day’s ice cream vendors and the public alike take the delicious treat for granted, it’s more than a seaside staple; fortunately for those selling soft ice cream it’s a regular treat for many people wherever they are and is a popular choice that has been joined by sweet sauces, rainbow sprinkles and chopped nuts.  Enterprising sellers also sell chocolate sprinkles over ice cream as a way to use up the broken flakes.

If broken flakes are all you have to contend with, then you are a lucky ice cream man or woman for sure!  Anyone selling ice creams has to abide by certain rules and carry certain insurances and as well as those you have to carry there are those that it is wise to carry.  We are the place to go for friendly, expert advice on all things ice cream insurance.

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