Catering Van Insurance in London


Catering Van Insurance (burger van, food van, etc)

Do you have a catering van in London?  Are you thinking of getting a catering van to operate in London?  If so, this article is for you:

A catering van is a great step on the ladder to self employment and/or into the catering industry.  Whichever type of van you have; maybe a lovely old French Classic Citroen or a brand new purpose built Transit or any of the multitude of variations in between from a sweet little van selling one line to a large converted bus catering for 100’s of covers and a vast menu.  Regardless of whether you are pitching up at a roadside on the outskirts of London, or near a roadside on private land, maybe you are going to fetes and festivals; shows and social gatherings, weddings and celebrations.  There will be a perfect insurance solution for your chosen London based catering career and set-up.

Whatever your specialism or niche of your London catering van, the thought of theft, damage, vandalism or loss is a very real possibility and one you want to do your absolute utmost to avoid.  And of course you do.  However, robust your security or secure your parking space etc, etc., things do go wrong.  So you need the right insurance to protect your livelihood should the worst ever happen.

In addition to the physical van cover, there are other aspects to consider for your London business.  Just like a static business in a bricks and mortar location in London the London catering van business owner needs the peace of mind that insurance cover brings.

As well as the basic legal requirements there are other ways you can protect your businesses financial security and your own peace of mind.

The Caterer Magazine says:

‘You should never be underinsured, but you don\’t need to be over-insured either. By understanding the market, familiarising themselves with your business and identifying the risks, a specialist insurance broker can provide a specific, appropriate and cost-effective solution.’

(Insurance Take Cover, August 2009).

Running a London catering business is rewarding, but incredibly busy and we know that you are working long hours to ensure the success of your London catering van.  However, to skip on insurance and the short time it takes to discuss requirements with a dedicated insurance company is really something not worth contemplating.

Think about things like the cost to replace your equipment or food stock.  Think about the loss of earnings if the van is stolen or broken into.  What about if there is a fire or if someone drives into your van.  There are a whole host of scenarios that can be imagined that could be covered by good insurance.

The way I look at it insurance is my assurance that should I need the expert help that the insurance provides it will be there for me.  If I did not have good, solid insurance I’d not be able to sleep soundly at night.  That’s why my recommendation to you is Catering http://localhost/cateringinsurance2/


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