Catering Van A Tale of Two Stories


Catering Van A Tale of Two Stories

There is no doubt that 2020 was a rubbish year for many people and catering was a sector that was hit particularly hard.  So what does this mean to those with catering vans?

 The first thing is depending on where you sell your food will have a bigger impact than usual regarding your trading success.  Those catering vans on the routes used by transporters will have been busy providing a service for those delivering the food and goods that the nation required.

Those van businesses that relied on events and shows for the bulk of their business will have a different story to tell.  A frustrating year where the main think to be grateful for was that at least the van could be parked up and declared SORN (vehicle off the road) so that you were not paying out to tax the van.  If you’d had a bricks and mortar business you’d have the added problem of larger overheads that would still have to be met.

 If you’re home based then that would help as well.

A catering van business is no different from any other inasmuch as the whole time you are working hard and bringing in the rewards and things are going well; you just keep on doing what you do.  You don’t expect the world to suddenly change.  But in 2020 it did.

There may be uncertainly surrounding the restarting of events, but one thing that is certain is that those van and lorry drivers out and about moving goods around still need feeding, so if you have a catering van that you usually pitch at events you might just be looking for other ways to get back earning and if that is the case here are some tips to help you:

  • Do a rekey and find out if there are catering vans or trailers on the A roads and busy B roads in your area
  • If no, park up in a likely position and see how many lorries and delivery vans go past
  • Choose the most likely location and explore the vehicle movements at breakfast time and lunch time
  • Find out which local authority the lay-by comes under and get in touch to find out about a trading license for your chosen site
  • If for some reason it is not possible to trade from your favourite location, then find out what else is available near by

As you will already be registered with your local council as a catering business, as long as the spot you have found is in the same authority area there is not much else you need to do.

Other than convince them that they should let you set up there and encourage repeat business by serving great food.

Of course you will need the best insurance package wherever you trade from and for that you should get in touch with the great team at Catering Insurance UK http://localhost/cateringinsurance2/catering-van-insurance/

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