Best-Selling Pizzas And How To Add Value To Every Sale


Best-Selling Pizzas And How To Add Value To Every Sale

Now is a great time to be starting out in the pizza shop business. With an increasing need from consumers for takeaway food rather than an eat-in experience, pizza shops are booming. If you’re new to the business and looking for the most effective strategies for maximising your sales and your profit, then look no further. Here’s our guide to the best-selling pizzas and how to add value to every sale.

The favourite pizza sold by UK takeaways is Pepperoni, so you know that you’ll be able to successfully sell this particular type, especially if you give it a prominent place on the menu and feature it in your publicity materials.  You might want to think about making this pizza a feature in a meal deal combination, or offering it at a discount price, leading customers into other options that will add more value to your sales. 

We definitely have a carnivorous appetite in the UK, as the Meat Feast comes next on the list, so you could consider creating some bespoke varieties to your Pepperoni menu, which might allow you to upsell this topping choice. If it all comes from the same base, it is easier and more cost effective to prepare.

Ham and Pineapple is also very high on the list and is often referred to as a Hawaiian. This is popular due to the appealing combination of savoury and sweet ingredients and would be a great pizza choice to feature with a dessert package, adding real value to your sale. 

Veggie pizzas come next on the list, and these are excellent for generating a strong profit margin, as the basic topping ingredients, when bought fresh and in volume, are cheaper than a number of other options. Why not consider a ‘basic’ vegetable pizza with a limited number of toppings, slightly below the price of the other pizzas on this list, and a ‘luxury’ version featuring a greater variety of organic products sold at a higher price point but generating even more of a profit margin?

These are all great pizzas that will form the basis of your menu and ensure that your pizza business is profitable, but don’t forget that there are other ways to add value, and one is to sell pizza by the slice, with each individual slice combined providing more revenue than a single pizza. You could even offer ‘half and half’ pizzas to order, using just the same ingredients, but with a premium charge for convenience.

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