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    Our market leading liability insurance policy covers any outside or mobile caterer and is Underwritten in the UK. Whether you are a street food trader, cupcake maker or contract caterer, rest assured that our Catering public Liability policy will be tailored to you so that you can trade safely and legally.


    If you own a Catering business, you might be contemplating to buy Catering Liability Insurance. Catering Liability Insurance could protect your business against claims. To get a Catering Liability Insurance quote, fill in a contact form or call us. We have been selling Catering Insurance for many years. We have a team of knowledgeable Catering Insurance specialists. If you are looking for a Catering Liability Insurance quote, or simply have a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you. It consists of Public Liability Insurance, which means you will be covered in case someone from the public gets injured. It also consists of Employer’s Liability Insurance, which means you are covered in case a member of staff gets injured.



    When you are a mobile caterer, its sometimes confusing to know exactly what type of insurance you need and what is the insurance called especially when it’s for your liability. That’s where our team of experts know exactly what you need and what type of insurance gives you the cover you require. We understand what you are looking for and for this reason we are not on comparison websites ..


    We as an insurance broker to the catering trade know that when you’re a mobile caterer trading from a van or trailer top of the list is mostly your liability. Our insurance which has been designed for mobile and outside caterers in fact our provider boasts this insurance policy is suitable for majority of mobile and outside caterers in the UK.. So when you get your quote on our outside caterers policy the cover you automatically get is for injury & illness to the people you are catering to and also for your employees.


    Staff wise you don’t even have to inform us of your number of staff if you take another staff member on board everything stays the same. The level of cover you get is £10m. Dependent on turnover, £10m of cover is also automatically provided for public and product liability.


    With this policy you can also have cover your business equipment against accidental damage, fire and theft. And what about deterioration of stock and / or business interruption. We also give a little something for nothing, now that makes a change! With FREE money and stock cover up to £500 .


    If you own mobile catering business, talk to our insurance specialists regarding our mobile catering insurance.


    After getting your insurance quotes and setting up the policy we will forward your documents by email in pdf format. You can then easily forward our email as proof of insurance coverage to show and event organisers.


    Our insurance offers you a 12 month annual policy from as cheap as £132.00. That’s for public product liability at £10m of cover and employers liability insurance for any number of staff that you employ.

    Our insurance policy has the option to have cover from 1 to 4 days for a cheaper price.

    Yes, as standard your policy documents will include both a certificate of insurance confirming you have cover for your employees liability insurance and we also issue you with a policy schedule for show and event organisers which confirms that you have public and product liability in place to.

    Employers liability is only if you employ staff in which case it is compulsory and hefty fines apply for everyday that you may have traded without employers liability insurance. Our catering liability insurance includes as standard up to £10m of employers liability coverage. So there’s no extra charge for you to include employers liability cover and you don’t have to name staff either. For these reasons we include employers liability cover with both the insurance for public and product liability cover anyway.

    We prefer to email policy documents so realistically you can be in receipt of your liability documents within minutes.

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    If you are looking for Catering Liability Insurance, then you have come to the right place. Please request a quote now.
    Our market leading liability insurance policy covers any outside or mobile caterer and is Underwritten in the UK.


    No matter the type of the mobile caterers business you own, a catering insurance policy suiting your requirements will be tailored to your needs. Whether you are a street food trader, cupcake maker or contract caterer, you just have to contact one of our catering liability insurance experts for a free quote.


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    Our policies Underwritten by UK grade A insurers which give you and your catering business peace of mind through their financial stability.

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