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    As we have seen recently with the changing styles of catering vans we are now experiencing a similar phenomenon with catering trailers. Dare I say it big boxes a becoming a no go and eye-catching designs more common place. Tear drop pizza ovens. Silver bullets, airstreams and even vintage caravans converted into catering trailers. We are asked for insurance quotes on all types of Catering trailers, and we always check out its design to. But we always high light that when you’re asking for a quote for that little beauty of yours is catering trailer insurance along with any type of trailer or caravan insurance does not cover damage the trailer may cause to something else whilst its being towed. Here comes the jargon, your trailer insurance does not cover the third-party towing liability. This “should” be covered by the towing vehicles insurance policy. We stress that you need to contact the brokers or insurers and ask them the question and always make a note of the person you spoke to and time & date of the call. So, keep this in mind that your catering trailer insurance policy covers damage caused to it but not by it and with that in mind you can’t go wrong.


    Along with cover for the catering trailer and fixtures and fitting you can also choose from a list of additional covers. Stock & money cover. Non fixed equipment, Business interruption cover and even an option where policy excess can be reduced to £zero. What’s better than having your excess refunded? Not having to pay it at all & we thought of it before you know who!

    A quick word about trailer security. As a standard requirement all catering trailers for theft cover to apply must have a minimum of a key operated hitch lock and a heavy-duty wheel clamp fitted. Additional security may sometimes be required for higher valued units. These extra measures will be data tags & /or a tracking system. Whilst they do cost extra and may be compulsory, they will also get a discount on your insurance quote. You keep the insurers happy with more security, they keep you happy with a cheaper price.

    All this talk of mobile catering trailers and towing liability aside some trailers are no longer mobile but instead are now permanently sited and we can cover these to. If the unit was once mobile, we will look to quote if the wheels and the hitch have been removed. Consideration will be given to any trailer anywhere. A layby on the A42. Pedestrianized city center, car park at a beauty spot. We have even insured those iron police boxes. Tardis esque and usually in Edinburgh but that said they do have to operational catering units.

    Talk to us regarding your food trailer insurance. We’d love to hear from you.

    You can also add liability insurance to this policy or have a standalone liability insurance. Usually, we find that the stand alone is a better price option with higher cover but it’s always worth checking both options out to decide what policy suits you best.


    A specialist insurance policy available to mobile and permanently sited catering trailers and units. Cover is given to the unit itself, plus all Fixtures and Fittings. Discounts available for members of catering associations, clubs and federations along with those trailers that have a DATATAG or tracking device fitted.

    Owning a Catering business can be fun and rewarding. To get a complete peace of mind, you might be considering Insurance for your Catering Trailer. The right Catering Trailer Insurance policy will cover your business, should the worst happen. With so much information about Insurance out there, it can get a bit technical. It may be easier if you speak to one of our Catering Trailer Insurance specialists. Our team can generate a free no-obligation Catering Trailer Insurance quote that is right for your business needs. Our prices are very competitive and they are not on comparison websites. Get in touch with us today, to see how much money you can save on your Insurance.


    Yes, we have the option to put multiple trailers on 1 policy. The trailers don’t have to be kept in the same out of use location either.

    Yes, our insurer does offer this type of discount for claim free policyholders.

    Usually on the A frame but no problem if 1 can’t be located we suggest a data tag marketing and registration system could be used which also helps to reduce the cost of insurance. Ask our team for details of this system and the cost.

    If your trailer is left in an out of use location that hasn’t been disclosed to the insurer, then theft cover could be under question should an incident occur. However, rest assured that whilst out of use at an organized show or event which has its own on-site security theft cover will not be brought into question. Please check that there is on site security in place.

    Luckily no, it doesn’t. As long as it’s a professionally converted, purpose built catering trailer we can quote it. We will make reference to the make and model, but it doesn’t affect your quote.

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    If you are looking for Catering Trailer Insurance, then you have come to the right place. Please request a quote now or call us on the number above and a friendly member of our team will call you back.
    Why insure your Catering Trailer with us?

    A specialist insurance policy available to mobile and permanently sited catering trailers and units.

    Cover is given to the unit itself, plus all Fixtures and Fittings. Numerous optional extras are available, including:

    WHY US?


    Our catering insurance experts fully understand each and every type of risk involved. We insure your catering trailer and protect it with grade A-Rated insurers. 

    Our insurance cover is available for mobile and permanently sited trailers and units. We cover the unit itself in addition to its fixture as well as fittings. 

    Additional benefits:

    Discounts available for members of catering associations, clubs and federations along with those trailers that have a Datatag* or tracking device fitted.

    *Theft prevention system available to purchase at an additional cost, please ask for details.

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