13 March 2020

Catering Vans

Catering Vans In more recent years catering vans have become an increasingly popular option for mobile catering. This is because vendors are looking for more of a modern solution for their needs. A catering van allows for greater manoeuvrability, less set up time, less space requirements as well as a generally lower cost than that

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Catering Trailers

Catering Trailers Attached to the back of a car or van through a towing system, catering trailers have historically been the primary method of operation for mobile food vendors. The trailer is parked at a designated, licensed site and food preparation and sale can begin. The types of food delivered by catering trailers varies and

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Ice Cream Vans

Ice Cream Vans Ice cream vans are an institution in Britain with many of those having grown up in the UK having had the experience of getting an occasional “treat” ice cream from the ice cream van outside of their school or at their local park. Operating street by street in residential areas also, these

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