Types of catering Vans in the UK


Types of catering Vans in the UK

Food Trucks

Food trucks are vans or trucks that can freely move around on their own, with an area in the back for the production of and/or selling of food to the general public. These are the preferred van for any vendor as they fulfil their primary purpose, while also allowing caterers to move to different areas as needed.

Food Carts

Food carts are independent food preparing and serving stations that need to be towed by a vehicle to move. These are ideal for catering companies that are looking to occupy an area on a road or street for a longer period of time (with appropriate licensing).

Food Trailers

Food trailers are essentially very large food carts, offering more space and utilities for larger catering companies that need to be able to produce more food, therefore needing more staff and therefore more space.


As with every industry, there comes quirky and exciting new ideas about how best to provide a given service. For the catering industry, this innovation comes in the form of a bustaurant. A bus with a restaurant and kitchen inside! This allows you travel freely, allows customers to have a seat in your moving catering bus, and gives you a decent space to prepare and serve food.

Catering Service Transportation Vans

Whatever the type of van you use in your catering company, make sure that you get insurance to protect you from unforeseen damages or losses.

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