Fish and Chip Shops Can Lead the Way


Fish and Chip Shops Can Lead the Way

With Brexit comes an opportunity for us to reset many of our practices and one area where fish and chip shop owners can really make a difference to the economy is to fly the flag and buy British.  In the UK we export 80% of the fish that is landed here and import 70% of the fish we eat.  Surely, that is not right?

Unfortunately, it is.  Whilst you could argue that the 80% exported is boosting the economy, it only accounts for a very small amount of the UK export value.  Brexit is almost upon us and the British Isles are far from growing and producing enough food for everyone without importing from overseas which is probably about to start costing us a lot more.

By buying British potatoes and British Fish our favourite takeaway can lead the way in supporting our producers and lead the buy British campaign that is sure to commence any time soon.  Fish and Chip Shop owners – you have the power in your hands to provide the Great British public with 100% home-grown meals.  Whether you do so collectively or individually is up to the industry and of course, up to you as the owner or manager of a British Fish and Chip Shop. Tell your wholesalers what you want, tell them you want British potatoes and fish or can you buy the fish direct from the markets?  Oil too is produced in this country, buy British oil and support the economy. 

You can do this, be proud to buy British for your great British Fish and Chips!

Fish and Chip shops have a huge part to play in supporting our fishing fleets and seaside communities.  Wherever you shop is you also have a huge part to play in supporting your local community.

NEWS:  2021 National Fish & Chip Awards

On another subject the organisers of the National Fish and Chip Awards Seafish have announced the cancellation of the 2021 National Fish & Chip Awards. 

Entries would have opened in May 2020 with judging taking place in late summer before the award ceremony in January 2021.

Whilst the decision was made due to many shops closing temporarily due to the 2020 pandemic CEO at Seafish Marcus Coleman says they are aware of the huge impact that Covid-19 is having on fish and chip shops.  However he also advises that some shops have remained open and are providing home collection and delivery services for their customers.  Seafish remains fully committed to supporting the UK fish and chip sector and they offer initiatives and support via their website:

Coleman also advises that they will factor in the community spirited services to the awards next year:

‘We hope to incorporate all of this great work in the awards programme for next year. With our valued sponsors and partners we will continue to support the shops in these trying times.’

(Coleman M, 2020).

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