Why Is A Catering Trailer A Great Option?


Why Is A Catering Trailer A Great Option?

If you’re looking to break into the catering industry and you want a good place to start, then sourcing a catering trailer is a great way of getting a foothold, creating a brand and a customer base and building up the capital you need to move into an even bigger enterprise, if that’s what you want to do. Catering trailers are exceptionally easy to customise with your brand or product style, as they can be added to and fitted out in ways that a standard van can’t always match.

It’s also a pretty low-risk way to get started, as you can pick up a second-hand or refurbished trailer, complete with a range of basic equipment for under £5000.  But what makes a trailer a good option, compared with a van or a static pitch, and why is this a good time to make your catering van plans happen?

As with everything, it all depends on what you want to achieve, the food you’re working with and your branding, but catering trailers are so popular as they are exceptionally flexible, can be converted to fit different styles of food easily and can be customised to meet your exact requirements.  Visually, catering trailers can be incredibly appealing, with many sporting an old-fashioned or retro look that can really suit the product being sold.

Importantly, a catering trailer is all about giving your customers the chance to get up close and personal and engage with you and your products, and that’s where a trailer comes into its own when compared to a full van, as the height is a comfortable and convenient one for your customers, meaning they can see all your products (and you) really clearly, as well as being able to reach their orders without too much of a stretch. 

A catering trailer is usually a little smaller than a van or catering truck, meaning that it is highly manoeuvrable and easy to transport from place to place. An added benefit here is that the vehicle you use to transport the trailer can be used as a secure storage space for consumables, stock and personal belongings, keeping them safe whilst you are serving up your finest food. And event planners love trailers, because once you’ve parked up in your pitch, a greater number of other attractions can be set up around you – which means more passing trade for your business too.

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