Keeping You And Your Customers Safe


Keeping You And Your Customers Safe

We all know that when you’re busy catering for events, or you’re managing a venue or kitchen, the day to day running of the business can become overwhelming. There’s so much to focus on, from ordering and rotating your stock to managing your equipment and employees so that everything works efficiently. Not to mention the small matter of getting the highest quality food out to the customers on a daily basis.  In the middle of all that it can be easy to postpone or even neglect some of the really important jobs that will keep your company running. One of those jobs is getting your insurance cover right, and that includes making sure that your product liability insurance is up to date and fit for purpose.

Say you are running a sandwich delivery company and something contaminates your fillings without you realising it, or imagine that you are catering for an event and through no fault of your own you find that a foreign object has fallen into the chilli and ended up on a customer’s plate. If you’re not prepared, a little thing like that can lead to a long and complex legal claim and a real financial headache.

A couple of years ago I was on holiday in the Lake District and having lunch with my family in a lovely pub with a great view. At the table next to me, a couple were eating, and the young woman found a piece of glass in her salad. It looked as though it had come from a wine glass, but how it had made its way into her salad was a mystery. Fortunately she noticed it, and the owner of the pub was able to apologise and made things right by settling the bill and giving her an honest apology.

But things don’t always go that well in those kinds of situations, and caterers shouldn’t be relying on honest apologies and luck when it comes to liability of any kind.

Product liability insurance is not compulsory by law, but it makes a tremendous amount of sense to ensure that you are covered, as substantial claims can arise if some aspect of the product you have provided is faulty or leads to an injury. Even if you supply a faulty or contaminated product that wasn’t directly caused by your own actions, if you pass it onto the customer, you might find yourself liable.

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