Can You Improve On A Classic Pizza?


Can You Improve On A Classic Pizza?

When you run a pizza shop, the chances are that you’re used to preparing a wide range of well-loved favourites. The classic pizza combinations never get old, and whether your customers are margherita fans or they prefer something a bit meatier, you’re probably set up to deliver exactly what they expect, time after time. 

But with an increased focus on a healthy lifestyle, more and more potential customers are moving away from pizza, the classic protein, carb and fat comfort food, towards takeaway foods perceived as better for the heart and waistline. Add to that an ever-increasing need for a wide variety of available bases to cater for customers with allergies and diverse preferences and it can feel harder than ever to attract new custom without losing your existing customer base in the process. So, what can you do to raise your health food game without lowering your profits?

First of all, you could consider investing in a new range of pizzas that reflect the increasingly popular ketogenic diet.  So many components of the classic pizza already fit into the keto approach that developing or sourcing a good carb-free base substitute isn’t hard and could really broaden your customer base if you re-frame your menu and branding to attract the health-conscious customer. Most regular toppings are great for customers looking for a keto-friendly treat but swapping pineapple for asparagus works well too.

Why not consider classic pizza bases with healthy topping combinations that could sit alongside your traditional menu? Instead of a pepperoni and alfredo source topping, why not offer grilled chicken, peppers and fresh vegetable as alternatives? With very little change to your stock, you could be creating lots of variety that might appeal to a health-conscious customer. Of course, making a point of using organic ingredients is always a popular move, and might be a great way to generate some local publicity. It is also a great strategy for selling at a premium price-point.

Lastly, think about changing the add-on products that so often go with a regular pizza order. You could offer organic choices for sodas in addition to the regular ones on the menu and provide a salad as a cheap and healthy side alongside the ubiquitous garlic bread. Even your dips could be low sugar or marketed as more of a handmade premium accompaniment, if that was right for you.

Pizza is always going to be popular, but it makes sense to maximise its profit-making potential!

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