Put Your Fish & Chip Shop At The Heart Of The Community


Put Your Fish & Chip Shop At The Heart Of The Community

Fish and chip shops play a vital role within the community, and not just because of the popularity of the food they serve. A good fish and chip shop can be an important social hub and many people rely on them for so much more than nourishment. Here are some active strategies for using that community engagement to turn even more of a profit.

A successful strategy for taking advantage of your community role is to open up your fish and chip shop as a place for vulnerable or elderly members of the community to meet for coffee and cake. Mornings are usually quiet times for the trade, and whilst opening up might seem counter-intuitive in terms of profit, if the numbers of senior citizens or other vulnerable groups grows, then you’ll soon find that many return for a full meal. Of course, you’ll also be able to generate lots of effective and free publicity that will increase your customer base and encourage people to support you in return.

Partnering with a local charity can also be a highly effective way to boost your sales and profile. Charities are always pleased to work in partnership with local businesses, and it can be a very rewarding arrangement. From providing some free meals to displaying advertising material or even organising fundraising, your business gains an increased level of sales and exposure as a result. Working with charities also allows you to form lasting partnerships and to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community in which your business is based, which in turn can lead to a higher volume of sales and turnover.

Last of all, why not consider running discount deals to celebrate and reward different members of the community? Again, this can lead to some excellent publicity which can drive sales as a result, but more than that, should result in an increase of custom on the days you run your promotions. You might consider health workers one day, emergency service workers another, retail staff one day and teachers on another. Why not think about promoting Monday-Thursday like this, with a different focus each day?

Combined, these strategies all add up, and with very little extra investment needed from you, you should see the volume of your sales rise. Plus, you’ll know you are doing good within your community, and there’s a reward in that, too.

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