Catering In The Winter – What Are The Best Options?


Catering In The Winter – What Are The Best Options?

When the summer seems like a distant memory, it can be tough keeping your catering business going. The cooler weather, with the threat of rain and wind, and possibly even snow, can make catering for functions a challenge, especially if those functions are in the open air and you and your guests are exposed to the elements.

Things that are relatively straightforward in the summer months can take on a new level of challenge. So, here are our tips for the best options for outdoor catering when the weather gets inclement.

The first thing to double check is that any equipment you use is going to withstand the cold (and potentially the rain) if you find yourself outside without shelter and the heavens open. You can find a wide range of portable, outside catering equipment available online, specifically designed for difficult conditions. It might be an investment, but it’s probably worth making, as it ensures that your power and cooking facilities remain functioning all year round.

If you’re catering for an outside event in the winter months, check with the client or organiser beforehand and try to negotiate an inside space to prepare and even serve from.  If that’s not possible, look at investing in some catering canopies, as keeping your food, kit and staff dry is a must.  You might be able to generate further work if you’re armed with a spare gazebo or two and you generate some cover for the grateful guests as well.

You and your staff will need to make sure you’re protected from the elements too, and it would make sense to invest in some branded gear for this. Nothing looks worse at a high-end function than chefs and serving staff wrapped up in a mix of non-matching coats. Having everyone in good quality company gear sends a great visual message on the day, but also conveys the care you have for your team and the quality of your work.

Last of all, if you are booking an outside function in the autumn or winter months, it’s important to make sure your contract has a weather clause included. That way, if the weather gets in the way of the event and for some reason it can’t go ahead, you’re protected.

Outdoor events in the winter months are special and they have the potential to make some wonderful memories for all involved. Just make sure you look after your staff, yourself, your customers and clients equally well. And always pack an umbrella.

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