3 Catering Trailer Challenges And How To Beat Them


3 Catering Trailer Challenges And How To Beat Them

If you run a catering trailer, you face a wide range of challenges just preparing and serving great food. Covid-19 hasn’t made this any easier, of course, with Government advice changing frequently. But some challenges are consistent, so here is some tips on how to overcome 3 of the toughest.

Parking up a trailer is tough sometimes, especially when you also need to negotiate room for your vehicle and other equipment. Different local authorities have different rules on parking, and it can be hard to stay up to date with the regulations. There can be waiting lists for great spots, sometimes you’ll have to pay a percentage of your profits to whoever is running an event, and sometimes you’ll need to pay a flat fee. So, make sure you know exactly where to park, how much it will cost, what facilities are on-site, what paperwork you need and ensure that you factor all these into your budget for each event. The last thing you need is to struggle to park and then make a loss due to unforeseen expenses.

One of the significant challenges with trailers is that you have little room to store your stock of fresh produce, meaning that if you get a rush of customers, you are likely to run out of ingredients before you run out of sales opportunities. So, make sure that your transport is large enough to accommodate all the non-perishable goods you have, in order to keep room in the trailer reserved for the essentials. Plan ahead and know where the nearest supplier to each event is, so you know where to go for fresh stock, and keep a vehicle and member of staff handy for these trips, just in case.  Driving your trailer around and manoeuvring it into unfamiliar areas is a skill too, so don’t underestimate the importance of ensuring that whoever is driving is confident and experienced.

Most customers have got used to the convenience and importance of contact-free payment methods and expect to use them for the majority of their purchases. You’d be well advised to set yourself up to take mobile payments, using a variety of mPOS systems. Not only are they far more secure than keeping cash in your vehicle, but far more hygienic and practical. There’s a small challenge in terms of setting up and learning the system, but the advantages far outweigh these, and it will make your life a lot easier, especially when you’re busy serving up tasty treats.

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