5 Reasons Why Catering Trailers Are The Future


5 Reasons Why Catering Trailers Are The Future

Catering trailers are a great way to get your food out there and to ensure that, whatever the ups and downs of the food industry, you remain flexible and dynamic enough to make a profit.  Yes, there are long hours involved and you can sometimes find that you’re doing more driving than cooking, but ultimately running a catering trailer is rewarding from a financial and personal perspective.

More than ever, a catering trailer might be the ideal option for you, and here are five reasons why catering trailers are here to stay.

  1. Catering trailers, by default, tend to be small-scale operations and consequently tend to be relatively low-risk options for people wanting to start or move on in the industry. That sense of scale can be important when you consider that you don’t need to hold as much stock as a larger operator, and that you are more likely to be able to access the widest possible range of locations. This means that you’re running a low-risk business with a lot of potential for customer engagement.
  2. Running your own catering trailer means that you have complete control over the menu you are offering. As a result, you have the freedom to change the menu to take account of your location, clientele or the latest changes in culinary fashions, meaning you’ll always be popular. Your sales volumes should stay strong, along with your profits.
  3. Not being tied down to a bricks-and-mortar building gives you the freedom to travel and find your customer base. From festivals to special events, markets and private functions, as long as you publicise your trailer and you pick up some consistently good feedback, you’ll never be short of opportunities.
  4. This comes down in part to the kind of vehicle you use to pull your trailer, but if you invest in a hybrid or electric vehicle, not only will you see a benefit in your insurance premiums, you’ll also be doing good for the planet and future-proofing your business. The same goes for your consumables too. Pick recycled products and you’ll be investing in your future, as well as that of the planet.
  5. Catering trailers don’t tend to deliver luxury or high-end cuisine. They are much more commonly used to serve staples or convenient foods for which there will always be a demand. You’ll find that running a trailer should mean a steady, reliable customer base, no matter how challenging the economy becomes.

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