What is Catering Liability


Catering Liability

It doesn’t matter how good you are, how thorough your cleanliness regime and how strict your safety policy.  Liability insurance is essential to your catering business.  Running a business without it is a recipe for disaster.

Just think of it as peace of mind for the things that you cannot control or plan for – for the things you would never believe could happen.

Liability insurance is a crucial part of your insurance cover for the health of your business and to give you the peace of mind that the insurance policy has your back in the event of a claim.  As well as being a legal requirement, even if you like gambling, operating without robust liability cover is a gamble too far.  Think about what you could lose?

  • Your businesses reputation
  • Your business
  • Your home
  • Your car
  • Your livelihood
  • Your staff out of work

Just don’t chance it.

So, you ask, what liability insurance should I have?

1.      Public Liability

2.      Employers Liability

3.      Product Liability – depending on your catering business, you may decide to take this out as well

1.      All insurance is for when things don’t go to plan and public liability is no exception.

Public liability is type of business insurance cover that is designed to cover compensation or legal costs if any customers or members of the public claim they have experienced personal injury or damage as a result of your business.

However careful you are, accidents happen and claims are made against even the best catering businesses.

Very often, clients you work with will require your business to have public liability insurance policy as part of their contract with you. If you lease or rent your premises, your landlord may insist that you have public liability insurance as part of the agreement. For those outside caterers who trade at festivals, events and shows in most instances a requirement of booking a space is proof of your own public liability cover. It doesn’t matter how large or small your turnover is to the organisers, their own insurance will usually stipulate that you must have your own cover.

2.     Employers liability is a legal necessity for businesses in the UK who employ anyone.  Operating with employees and no insurance in place could lead to hefty fines.

As an employer it is your responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of your employees while they are at work.  Any accident or injury your staff  have when at work could result in a claim against your business.

The insurance serves to protect you against the expense of compensation claims if an employee is injured or suffers a work-related illness.

3.     Product liability insurance covers you for products that you sell from your catering business.  It may be that you sell the great corkscrews that your serving staff use, or you sell jars of pasta sauce or honey.  Maybe, you sell DIY cake mixes or mementos such as mugs, key rings or coasters.

Product liability cover protects you if anything goes wrong with any products you sell as part of your business and it may be something that you hadn’t thought of?  If you sell any type of product for people to take away from your premises or catering stand then public liability insurance is a worthwhile and cost effective investment to protect the business against claims.

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