The 10 Essentials Your Café Needs


The 10 Essentials Your Café Needs

Everyone knows a wonderful café when they see it. But it can be difficult to identify exactly what makes a café so good, and why customers keep on coming back for more. Bearing that in mind, here’s our handy top 10 of the essentials every café needs.

A Great Atmosphere

A café isn’t a pub or a bar, but it needs to have a great atmosphere. Generate a buzz of chatter mixed with quiet areas and music to give staff and customers some energy but not played so loudly that people can’t hear to talk.

A Convenient Layout

Make sure your café is laid out with enough space between tables, with great eyelines to the best views you can offer and with open, clear corridors for travel. And make the toilets obvious rather than trying to hide them.

The Right Furniture

Nothing kills the spirit of a café like uncomfortable, mismatched or irrelevant furniture. Take your time to find chairs or sofas with the right balance between practicality and comfort.  Equally, your theme might be retro chic, but if your tables are really shabby, you’ll put lots of potential customers off.

Décor That Suits The Mood & Food

Your décor must match the kind of food you are selling and the kind of mood you are trying to create, or nothing will work. You might love that painting your friend gave you, but your customers will just get confused.

Lighting You Can See By

We’re all for ambience and mood lighting but a café should be well-lit without being stark, and cosy without being too dark to read the paper.  Use as much natural light as possible and balance that with soft tones.

A Warm Welcome

Every café needs the right first impression and that comes from the staff. The way a customer is greeted and made to feel welcome and special without being overwhelmed or rushed is key to a great café experience.

Local Links

A café is a community hub and should embrace that role. So, make sure you’ve got a spot for community boards where local charities and organisations can post their literature. Team up with local attractions and businesses and give them a platform too.

WiFi For All

Gone are the days when free WiFi was considered a luxury. Now it’s expected, so make sure your password is displayed clearly and that your service is reliable. You’ll need to have the necessary filters applied in order to make your café family friendly.

A Bonus

Your café needs a USP, and often that comes in the form of live performances. These can be acoustic music sets, live readings or spoken word poetry, talks or open mic nights. Give people a reason to leave home and find you.

The Right Menu

Last but not least comes the food and drink you serve. It needs to be what your clientele wants, and it needs to attract new customers too. The quality must be high and consistent. People can make tea and cake at home, so yours need to be spectacular!

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