What Are The Best Vegetarian Options For Your Fish And Chip Shop?


What Are The Best Vegetarian Options For Your Fish And Chip Shop?

Everyone loves fish and chips, but recently the lack of variety available for those following a vegetarian diet has been noted by the Vegetarian Society, and as a result, fish and chip shops are being encouraged to develop their vegetarian offers. But what are the best products to provide whilst offering a fast service and still generating a profit?

Start by putting a vegetable grill on the menu. These can be easily bought wholesale and kept frozen until they are needed, or you might want to make your own versions on the premises, depending on your business profile and customer base. A vegetable grill can be fried, or more commonly baked or grilled, depending on the type. They are quick and easy to prepare and attractive to the consumer, as well as having a low cost price, which is why they are top of the list of options.

A really wonderful addition to your menu, and one which will naturally fit with the profile of your existing products, is to create a mushy pea fritter using the mixes you already have ready in your shop. These can be developed with a range of in-house spices and flavourings and are versatile enough to be served as scampi-sized portions or as larger single servings.  Why not offer some free chips or sauces as a side when you introduce them, or include them as a free side with existing vegetarian dishes?

Haloumi is a versatile and delicious cheese that lends itself extremely well to being battered and fried, just like the more traditional items on the menu. This robust cheese makes a satisfying and filling centre to a vegetarian takeaway meal, and although more expensive than some of the other suggestions here as a raw ingredient, haloumi can be sold at a high price-point and generate a strong level of profit per sale.

You could use tofu as a base product for a number of your fish alternatives. Indeed, many fish and chip shops are now serving ‘tofish’, prepared in exactly the same way as favourites like cod and haddock, as a fantastic alternative. This kind of option also gives your menu a really distinctive identify and, with some smart marketing, would place your shop in the local spotlight. Quorn vegan fillets are another great alternative to fish, and according to the Vegetarian Society’s research, have the potential to increase both your turnover and customer base, both of which sound like great outcomes.

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