What’s The Best Way To Publicise Your Catering Trailer?


What’s The Best Way To Publicise Your Catering Trailer?

You know you serve great food from your catering trailer, but how can you make sure that news gets out to your customers too?   It can be hard, but if you want your food to keep on selling, you need to focus on publicising your business.

It doesn’t need to be a significant financial investment, either. You can find ways to get yourself and your trailer out there without it digging into your profits.

Here are our top 5 tips for selling yourself, as well as your food.

  1. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and when it comes to social media, it’s true. You produce a wonderfully visual product and taking photos of your dishes (and customers enjoying them), ready to share them on social media, is a fast and effective way of publicising what you do and generating a buzz around it.
  2. The next thing is to get your food reviewed. There are a number of websites and apps out there that customers use to review their food experiences. You can’t control what they write, but you can guarantee they’ll be writing it. Engage with them, point them toward sites whose reviews you value and get them to leave some positive reviews for others to be inspired by.
  3. You’re reading a blog right now, and you know how effective they can be for driving traffic towards your business, and in turn generating an increase in sales. Blog about your experiences and the people you’ve met on your travels, but most of all, blog about the food you serve and the experiences that your customers have had with you. You can even use the same pictures you took for social media in your blog. Add some key words or phrases, think about your SEO, and you’ll soon be generating a great following.
  4. If you’ve been able to build up a list of subscribers, then you could use this to your advantage by developing a regular newsletter. The great thing here is that you can not only talk about where you’ve been and what you’ve done, but more importantly can let people know where your catering trailer will be going next.
  5. Last of all, don’t forget that word of mouth and reputation are hugely important when it comes to publicity. So, treat your staff, suppliers and customers well and encourage them to spread the word about how great your business is.

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