Is It Time For You To Re-Brand Your Takeaway?


Is It Time For You To Re-Brand Your Takeaway?

Your takeaway serves great food and you know your customer service is excellent, but sooner or later your customer base is going to plateau, no matter how great your skills in the kitchen. Great food and service are hugely important, but if your brand is tired or you’re not reaching the right markets, you’ll never sell to as many people as you could. But what are the three golden rules for re-branding your takeaway business, so you keep your existing customers and attract new ones?

  1. Do your research. What are the latest trends that are hot in your sector of the industry and how does that compare with the cultural, social and economic environments that your business works in? There’s no point in your branding being built around a look or concept that is no longer popular or relevant, so make sure you keep your ear to the ground. If you are looking to appeal to a particular market, like professionals with a higher disposable income, or parents looming for healthy products for their children, then know enough about what they are looking for to make sure your branding is appealing.
  2. Organic, healthy and good for the planet. Use as wide a range of organic products as is financially practical, so that you can highlight your attractive organic dishes without necessarily claiming that it applies to everything on the menu. Equally, not everything on your menu might be considered traditionally healthy – customers don’t often go to a takeaway to get a healthy meal – but if you can market some elements of your menu as healthy options, and feature them in your publicity, then there’s no doubt it will draw customers in. By using sustainable and renewable sources, especially in your packaging or recycling, you’ll be able to feature this in your branding, allowing you to appeal to a significant number of potential customers from within your community.
  3. Be exclusive but affordable. This is an extremely effective strategy used by companies worldwide, and it will work for you too. Customers will always pay a premium if they think they are getting something luxurious or exclusive. So, make sure your branding communicates the quality and richness of your products whilst selling at a price point that consumers will pay for.

Remember, branding is all about knowing what you stand for and who you are selling to and then bringing that to life. If you do, your sales and profits will soar.

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