5 Ways Your Independent Pizza Shop Can Stand Out


5 Ways Your Independent Pizza Shop Can Stand Out

It’s not easy running an independent pizza shop. You are often in competition with national and global brands who have a significant set of advantages over the independent operator. Economies of scale, flexibility of the workforce, benefits of franchising and a centralised supply chain all play to their advantage.

But being an independent pizza shop gives you some advantages too. You can use your brand freedom and local knowledge to generate sales volume and profit, if you use your unique position with a sense of strategy.

Here are 5 ways your pizza shop can really stand out.

  1. You have a wonderful opportunity to offer a level of personal care and customer focus with every order that bigger businesses just can’t match. A quick note thanking someone for their purchase, a follow up call to check that all was well with their order and even offering loyalty cards or rewards to regular customers are all aspects of your business that could be developed and would help you stand out. When a customer knows that you care, they’ll come back.
  2. You also have a chance to engage with the local community more meaningfully than some national chains ever will. You can sponsor local initiatives, contribute to local charities and food banks or allow your property to be a place where local organisations can either meet or display their literature. By placing yourself at the heart of the community you serve, you will inevitably drive your sales upward.
  3. You have the opportunity to customise your menus, as you aren’t stuck with a rigid set of options imposed from above. So, keep an ear to the ground with local trends and be ready to be flexible with adding and removing new products, depending on how successfully they sell.
  4. You are also free to define the style and personality of your business, and can reinvent your branding, services and packaging to best suit your clientele. If you think it’s right to have a strong voice on environmental or organic issues, you can tailor your business accordingly. You can also offer a hire package for a range of events and functions that allow you to broaden your sales options.

5 Last of all, you are free to search for and use local ingredients and services such as print and packaging, allowing you to build good financial deals with nearby supply chains over time. You can call on the flexibility this gives you when you need to make changes, as well as using your support of local businesses as a great marketing tool.

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