Ideas to Help your Pizzeria Stand Out in a Crowded Market Place


Ideas to Help your Pizzeria Stand Out in a Crowded Market Place

Everybody loves pizza right?  Well most people do anyway.  The great thing about pizza is that it is easy to offer a large range to suit different tastes.  However, it is an increasingly crowded marketplace and it is especially important to make your pizza shop stand out from the crowd if you are in a large town or city.  Some locations are fortunate to have less competition, but that is not an excuse to let standards slip and certainly no pizzeria owner or manager should take their eye off strategies for marketing.

Chain pizzeria managers who let their standards slip or take their eye off the ball are potentially at risk.  The independent pizzeria owner or manager may have more scope for individualism, but lose out on the keen prices that the chains obtain.  There is no doubt that they each potentially face difficulties. 

If you are a Pizza Shop owner or manager there are ways that you can promote your shop and increase your profits.  A plan is important for marketing and promoting the shop.  The wise manager consults and involves the staff team.  You may be surprised at the ideas they come up with in a team brainstorming meeting.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Aim for five star hygiene rating, get all the staff on board for this
  • Sponsor the mascot for a local kids football or rugby team
  • Create a Loyalty Scheme
  • Find a way to collect and analyze metrics


How these help you:

A high hygiene rating is something to be proud of and a well displayed five star award will bring in and retain more customers.  Make sure that there is a robust cleaning schedule in place so that the shop always looks clean and inviting to customers.

By sponsoring the mascot for a local team, you gain the conscious awareness of the players, their school mates, families and even the other team.  The mascot can be used as part of your advertising campaign and you could offer half price pizza to players on your quietest night or a similar incentive.

By creating a loyalty scheme, you do just that, you gain customer loyalty. A customer who is saving points for a free Pizza or ice cream or whatever you decide to offer will choose your pizza shop instead of someone else’s to gain their gift sooner.

The best way to increase efficiency is to know what is happening with the business.  These days there is good tech available to help with this aspect of running a business.  You want to know what is selling the best, what times of day are busiest, how long customers are waiting and so on.  Having this information to hand means that you quickly identify and problems or trends and can act accordingly.

All this takes work, but the important thing is to keep the shop open and thriving.  The easiest part though is arranging insurance that is surprisingly easy by contacting Catering http://localhost/cateringinsurance2/

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