The USP of an Independently Run Takeaway


The USP of an Independently Run Takeaway

So you want to open a takeaway business?  You’ve found the premises signed the lease and installed the equipment and the food you offer is based on your expertise and all is good to go.

The catering market is a booming one and is highly competitive.  The high street is brimming with the big chain takeouts and there is a fish and chip shop along the road.

No matter how good a cook you are or your chef is or how good your recipes are, you will need an edge, a unique selling point or USP in order to really hit the profit spot you want.

A few simple things that will help any business is to buy the best possible equipment that you can afford.  Find the best possible staff, ensure they are invested in the business and ensure that everything both sides of the counter is always, always spotlessly clean and fresh looking.

Your USP will have to come from you.  Do you specialise in a particular sub-section of the type of food you sell at the takeaway?  If so that could be your USP.  Do you have an uncle who is a baker or a friend who loves gardening?  Including artisan baked desserts or your own fresh vegetables could be enough for people to say ‘ah yes, ‘the takeaway with the lovely pastries’ or ‘yes, the one with home grown vegetables’.  Think about it, think well and maybe brainstorm with your team.  Your USP is what is unique to you and it will help sell if you promote it.

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