Importance Of A Good Hygiene Rating For Catering Businesses


Importance Of A Good Hygiene Rating For Catering Businesses

Hygiene is defined as a series of precautions taken for the preservation of health. As per World Health Organization hygiene is referred to as practices and conditions which assist the maintenance of health and prevention from any disease spread whereas hygiene ratings in food and catering businesses is a measure of the food hygiene standards as per the rules of food on the day of inspection.

Hygiene Ratings of any food or catering business is provided by local food authorities and health safety officers. The authorities determine the rating through periodic inspections and visit the premises of the business. The ratings are judged according to some essential perimeters, the foremost importance in any checks the hygiene of food itself. The hygiene inspection of food will include the conditions food goes through during all stages. From the raw material used to the end product prepared, every step is looked up, which include the cooking, preserving, storage and reheating. Considering that health is not only affected by the food quality but also by the environment hence equal importance is provided to the conditions of buildings.

The building conditions are judged based on cleanliness, lighting, layout, air ventilation and all other facilities which may have any relation or affect to health. Whereas equal importance goes to the record of maintenance kept by the organization and the precautionary measures it takes to ensure high hygiene.

Importance of hygiene in the catering business is directly related to the importance of health. With a busy life schedule and burdened work-life of customers nowadays, health concerns are the most critical factor of any choice. Moreover, the media coverage of numerous notable incidents, due to low hygiene of food, has resulted in a new food culture which results in food safety awareness in the general public. The public has been putting in efforts to increase alerts regarding food safety and hygiene.

Due to the increased awareness consumers are also more interested in looking for \”scores on the doors\”. This term refers to the hygiene rating provided to the service provider by the local authority after inspection or visit, giving a detailed description of their hygiene rating. In case the scores are not being displayed, the public assumes that the ratings are not good enough to be displayed. This implies that the standards are not up to the mark, and the provider is not trusted to be selected. Considering the current situation and facts mentioned above, it is not wrong to say that hygiene rating can significantly affect your business where a bad score can reduce the number of customers, hurting your business as a result.

At the same time, a good rating can entice a higher number of customers to your business, giving it a nice boost. An expert in the field Mike William says that the hygiene rating system enables the interested customers to make a choice, regarding the selection of their provider, with complete knowledge about its hygienic standard. Mr Williams also shed light on the fact that it is not difficult for any business to reach 5* rating as long as they show compliance to state policy and legislation regarding hygiene.

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