The advantage of using an independent cafe


The advantage of using an independent cafe

What Independent Cafes Offer

Stroll down any high street and chances are you will see a few cafes, restaurants and takeaways.  Some will be small and some will be larger, some will be the big chain brands and others will be the smaller brands or independently owned and/or managed.

So what can the independent cafe owner or restaurateur offer to make them stand out from the crowd?

There are a few things you can do to give you that all important edge.


Get a good reputation and keep it.

What the majority of owner run or individual catering outlets have to offer is a personal experience. End of.

Your customers will return time and time again if they are warmly greeted, treated as individuals and especially if you or your staff remember their favourite table, their requirements and the way that they like their coffee for example.  Let them know that you remember and value them.

The balance here though is that some will want to be your friends, whilst some will not.  If you want to be friends outside of the cafe, then sure, go ahead build that relationship.  If not or if you feel that the customers don’t desire that next step in the relationship keep things friendly, welcoming but with that slight distance that the best restaurant managers show.

An example is an artisan bakery I use that also serves basic beverages and snacks.  The owner baker has a small team and they soon get to know the regulars and what they like.  The bread and baked goods vary, this is a small establishment and the selection is never the same two days running, yet the staff all know that I prefer granary bread or sourdough, they remember that I drink tea and not coffee.  They are friendly but professional.  I return frequently because the bread is good, the morning goods that I can eat in or take home are good and the service is good.

Offer something that your competitors are not offering – Individualism.

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