Ice Cream Van Insurance in Newcastle


Ice cream van insurance in Newcastle

Newcastle. The angel of the North. The place to be, as some may say. Come rain or shine, the city is a thriving place with people out and about enjoying themselves.  Summer, however, is when many places spring to life and Newcastle is no different.

The city centre during the seasonal months can be packed with visitors, tourists, workers and residents. Everyone can be out enjoying themselves in the warmer weather, and an ice cream is the perfect addition to a lovely day.  Newcastle city centre can be seen as an ideal location to park your ice cream van if you are an owner looking for a suitable spot.

There is a high amount of footfall in the city, with lots of attractions and things to see and do. There are also many events such as festivals, fetes, shows and more that people will attend throughout the year. Ice cream vans are a popular sight at occasions, with children and adults all queueing for something to eat. The jingle played from the vans is a well-known sound and is a traditional part of knowing that an ice cream van is in the vicinity. It is nostalgic, and people associate it with enjoyment on a summer’s day.

With Newcastle being a good time city, people may always be up for a social event. Visitors and residents will head out with the intention of having a good time and if they spot an ice cream van, there may be a high chance that they will purchase something from the window. The impulse buy of seeing the brightly coloured van is often an attraction point. The vehicle stands out and is widely recognised, with youngsters often being able to spot it. The excitement of getting an ice cream in Newcastle during a day out or a trip can be a draw to children.

As an ice cream van owner who is running a business, finding the right insurance for your vehicle is important. It may be hard to know what to select, but catering Insurance have you covered and can provide a solution to suit you and your needs.

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