Free Legal Expenses Insurance


Free Legal Expenses Insurance for Catering Trailer Polices This August: RRP £35 + IPT

A specialist insurance policy available to mobile and permanently sited catering trailers and units. Cover is given to the unit itself, plus all Fixtures and Fittings. Discounts are available for members of catering associations, clubs and federations along with those trailers that have a DATATAG or tracking device fitted.

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What Does Legal Expenses Insurance Cover?

  • Defence of a contract of employment dispute with an employee.
  • Payment of any compensatory award arising from the judgement of an Employment Tribunal.
  • Pursuing a claim against any employee or former employees for possession of property owned by you.
  • Defence of directors or partners for prosecutions connected to normal business activities in a criminal or civil court, other than in connection with a motor vehicle.
  • Cover for enquiries in respect of TAX, VAT, PAYE & NIC Investigations.
  • 24 hours Legal Helpline – free access to legal advice and assistance.