How does technology impact the catering industry?


How does technology
impact the catering industry?

The world is fast-paced and ever changing. In order to keep up, businesses and individuals need to move quickly and be aware, and the catering industry is no different. In 2019, more and more concepts and areas of hospitality are becoming driven by the use of technology. Customers are wanting more and more options and hassle-free experiences. The catering industry must expand and develop with the rest of the world, as getting left behind could be detrimental.

Foodies want concepts like on-premise personalised experiences, advanced payment options, stress-free ways of buying goods plus time saving options. This could be anything from the self-scan check out in a supermarket, contactless card payment in a restaurant or ordering food from an app in a certain eatery. Despite the advancement in technology, restaurants and many catering facilities are still largely driven by human interaction, so there are many questions about the direction for the future.

Most people visiting a restaurant or catering outlet go to take advantage of the convenience of having food served immediately or to feel looked after whilst enjoying a meal out. The type of catering places that people visit for convenience may be the ones that are using technology to help them grow. Making things easier could ultimately encourage more customers. If people understand that their experience is going to become even less demanding, then this could be seen as a good investment for a business.

What customers expect when they visit an eatery is constantly changing. Technology in this case can help the industry to stay relevant and compete. Satisfying customers is a top priority and if your establishment is up-to-date and ahead, then they may be very likely to recommend it to other people. Apps, updated websites, ordering food via tech, contactless payments plus much more will all add to your catering business being viewed as current.

Concepts like JustEat and Deliveroo have somewhat changed the game for the catering industry. These applications are a response to the sector recognising that there is a demand for easier, quicker processes. It now possible for consumers to have any type of food from many eateries delivered to their home. This includes Michelin Star food, plus lots of other restaurants. Technology also makes is possible for people to book a table somewhere without having to even speak to another human. This is all movement in a forward direction, but could it affect those places that still maintain a traditional approach? Only time will tell, but it is clear that technology does and will have a big impact on the catering industry.

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