Food Allergy Information


Why is it important to provide food allergy information?

Having an allergy or a food intolerance is not the easiest condition to deal with. Knowing what you can and can’t eat plays a big part in organising a daily routine. Eating out can become a nightmare and a thing of dread, so as a restaurant or take away owner, sticking to the laws and rules of stating food information is important.  

Customers with allergies to certain foods should be able to make informed choices when choosing products, such as a meal in an eatery. According to the Food Standards Agency, as a food business, you must follow the allergen information rules set in EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC). This means that you must provide allergen information to the consumer for both pre-packed and non-prepacked food or drink and handle and manage food allergens adequately. You also need to make sure that your staff is trained about allergens.

Customers with intolerances are often advised to speak with staff about their individual requirements. Alternatively, those serving the customers can ask the group whether anybody has any certain dietary needs that must be followed. If nothing is on offer on the menu that meets allergy needs, a customer can request that a special meal is made for them. If a customer has any doubt about their dietary needs, they will not eat there. As a business owner therefore, it is important not to lose custom over providing food allergy information.

If a mishap occurs where a customer suffers an allergic reaction to the food eaten in your establishment, you could be held liable. This is not what a business owner wants, so ensure all precautions are taken. A claim against your restaurant could increase the price of your insurance.

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