Looking To Start In The Takeaway Business?


Looking To Start In The Takeaway Business?

If you’re looking to start in the takeaway business, this is a great time to get going. Takeaways are booming in popularity and convenience, and the wide range of options available for delivery make it easier than ever to start.

But if you are literally at the beginning of your business journey, what are the most important building blocks to make sure you get right? Read on to find out.

Top of the list of fundamentals to get right when you set up your takeaway business is to decide on the kind of food you’re going to offer. This will be dependent on a number of different factors. These could include things like the range of services offered by established competitors in the area, your own experience and level of expertise, your emotional connection to the business and accessibility to a relevant supply chain to name but a few.

You’ll want to pick an offer that is popular with your potential customers and where you feel you could be competitive in order to flourish. Pizza, Chinese, Indian and chicken and chips are all staples of course, and that might suit your potential community, but if those fields are overcrowded, maybe offering something new such as Vietnamese or Thai dishes would fit the bill.

Next comes the location of your business. If you are planning on offering an entirely takeaway service, then location is slightly less important, but if you are hoping for walk-in custom or for customer collection, then you’ll need an accessible premises. The better placed a property, the higher the rent is likely to be, but it is often worth investing in this one aspect of the business that can’t be changed later.

Once you know what you’re selling and where your base will be, you need to do a significant amount of research in terms of the kit and equipment you will need to launch successfully. In an ideal world the premises already has the basic kitchen kit installed, so at least you’ll have a base to work from. If not, you’ll need to budget for a range of preparation and cooking items. Don’t waste money on things you don’t need; just focus on the essentials.

Last of all get your supply chains in place well before you open. The worst thing for a new business is to launch and then run out of stock, so establish good relationships and make sure you’re ready for your takeaway to take off!

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