The Most Profitable Sides For Your Pizza Shop


The Most Profitable Sides For Your Pizza Shop

If you run a pizza business, then you’ll know that the secret to increasing your profitability is to offer a wide range of side dishes that compliment your pizzas. These give customers a chance to indulge and also give you the opportunity to generate some additional revenue. 

If you are trying to work out which sides to offer, you’ll need to think about the ease with which they can be prepared, the amount of storage they are likely to need, the contrast across your range and also which are the most popular (and profitable) options. To get you started, we’ve come up with our suggestion for the best side dishes you can offer.

First on the list are side salads, and for good reason.  A fresh, green salad is simple to prepare and store. Although it does take some effort in terms of preparation, the cost of the ingredients is low, and the sale value is relatively high. Sold without dressing, a fresh salad contrasts well with a pizza and it’s a logical side as a result.

Vegetarian sides are usually highly profitable as protein sources tend to be limited to cheese.  Whether it’s mozzarella triangles or cheesy garlic bread, vegetarian sides are also extremely popular, especially if your vegetarian pizza options are relatively limited. This means they can be given a premium sale price and you can be confident that they will still sell.

Drinks allow you to maximize your profits, especially if you stock a range of popular options. They are also a great example of a strong loss-leader; including a free drink when an order reaches a particular amount means you lose very little from a financial perspective but potentially gain a larger order overall.

We’ve saved the best for last. Dough balls are an outstanding option if you are looking for a popular side dish that generates a high profit. Pre-made balls can be kept frozen and so are extremely cost-effective. They require very little preparation and if you create your pizza bases by hand, then you can use leftover dough from this process, meaning that you make the most of your ingredients. They can be sold with a range of pre-packaged dips, and you can even use these as add-ons to generate more income per sale.

Dunking a dough ball is extremely satisfying, so if you include a dip and charge for more, you’ll generate some excellent sales figures overall.

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