Catering Trailers


Catering Trailers

Catering trailers are different to catering vans in that they are towed by another vehicle. They are set up on a site for which a fee is paid to allow its operation. These sites are usually those at which events are being hosted such as festival fields, football pitches for games and street markets.

Trailers have been the norm in the mobile catering industry for years before the catering van began to take over for its increased mobility and versatility. Having to rely on another vehicle for transportation introduces extra costs if something goes wrong as well as increased time spent setting up and packing away. This makes catering trailers more suited to events for which they may be in one spot for a full day or multiple days such as festivals rather than shorter sports events.

Purchasing a new small catering trailer will cost in the region of £10,000, however, the cost can skyrocket for large new catering trailers which are full of the latest equipment.

Those looking to get into the catering business will need to obtain a level two food hygiene certificate to be sure that they are operating within the legal food handling standards. It is also important to register any business that sells food to customers approximately 30 days before it starts operating.

Lots of street food stalls are catering trailers selling a selection of local and foreign foods. In London’s Camden street market, the variety is astonishing, with food inspired from, quite literally, all over the world.

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