The Pros and Cons of Going into Catering


The Pros and Cons of Going into Catering

Year on year the catering industry is growing.  There are a number of roles that come under the broad heading of “Catering”.  You may be someone who’s just taken redundancy and are wondering about turning that payment into a mobile catering wagon, you may be considering turning your passion for food into a career as a chef or cook.  Maybe you fancy the social role as a bar person or server.  It could be you are considering your options for post 16 education?  Whichever way you are thinking of going and for whatever reason the big question is “do I take the leap?”

The answer has to come from a well informed decision.  Certainly a talented, well qualified chef will have a long term prospect and the chefs at the top earn very good money.

Take on a part time job as a server when at university and you may find you love it and decide to go into the hospitality trade.  If so, the best advice is to finish your degree first and weigh up what you want to achieve from the catering job.  A part time role in the industry is a great way to start and gives great insider knowledge about what is available and achievable.

Here are 6 pros and cons to consider:




A Long Term Career


Great Earning Prospects


Overseas Opportunities


Cruise Ship and Yacht Opportunities


Ski Chalet Opportunities


Work Hard Earn Well



 Long Hours


Unsociable Hours


On Your Feet a Lot


Fast Paced


Demanding Timescales


Low pay to start with



For those in the scenario of a career change and investing in a business opportunity, the pros and cons are slightly different:

Own Business Pros

Own Business Cons


Set Own Hours


Profits are Yours


A lot of hard work






Training Costs


Initial Start Up Costs and getting through the first year


Gas Safety & Electrical Safety Costs


Recruiting really good, reliable staff


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