The Catering Trailer Designs That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More


The Catering Trailer Designs That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

When you run a catering trailer, you thrive or fail on the strength of your food and your ability to create a sustainable profit. Assuming that these are in place and you’re cooking up a storm, it’s important to make sure that your trailer has the right design elements to not only catch the eye once, but to be recognisable enough that when customers see your trailer, they know exactly what to expect, and that they aren’t disappointed.

Design is important, and you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in it in order to get a trailer that reflets your style and makes your experience and the experience of your customers a great one. As the saying goes, ‘design adds value faster than it adds costs’, so if you are ready to re-design your catering trailer, what are the best options?

Depending on your stye of food, you might want to look for a retro or historical design for your trailer. Examples of this are trailers with a 1950’s theme selling great burgers, milkshakes and fries. This kind of design is a short-cut for the consumer as they understand from a distance exactly what you are providing and feel confident heading your way.  Another example of this kind of style would be to design a cake and coffee trailer to resemble a classic 1920’s tearoom, complete with art-deco flourishes to really add a touch of class. You could develop this design idea to incorporate different aspects of your food’s cultural heritage too, with Asian designs for Thai and Indian trailers or designs that are evocative of street pizza vendors in New York, for example.

An entirely different kind of catering trailer design would be to go for a niche look with a memorable novelty factor to it. This would really need to be part of your complete brand identity and could serve to engage potential customers. From a Wild-West theme to an intergalactic choice of treats, novelty designs raise interest and anticipation for your food. A pirate ship or a jungle theme can be really memorable but don’t forget that whatever you pick must reflect not only your food but must speak directly to a particular clientele, so it’s best to make wise decisions if you are going to pick this kind of design style.

The most important design features of your trailer are attractiveness and convenience for your customers, so whatever design you pick, remember to always bear this in mind.

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