How to have the advantage – Be the best independent Fish and Chip Shop


How to have the advantage – Be the best independent Fish and Chip Shop

A few ideas to help ….

Fish and Chips are still the number one takeaway in Britain and with some managing profits of up to 50% it can be a lucrative business.

Anyone, thinking of setting up a fish and chip shop takeaway business should consider that it is not as easy as it may seem. 

The very best use the best fresh fish whenever possible and have a small stock of frozen only for when there is an unexpected busy day or shortage of fresh fish due to stormy weather or transport problems.  Fresh fish will need preparing and this is actually quite a skilled job.

Buy in the best potatoes for frying and chip them yourselves.  Buying in ready chipped is tempting but freshly peeled and chipped potatoes do taste much better.

Consider going for the NFFF Quality Award:

It will give you an edge over competitors and boost staff morale.

If you need to use frozen, tell the customer and explain why. A sudden drop in flavour or quality could lose customers, but if they know why, they’ll be more likely to return.

If yours is an independent fish and chip shop, be proud of that fact and promote it.  Make it clear that you only use the best and freshest ingredients.  All your staff should have hygiene certificates, display them.  Make sure you get a high food hygiene rating score and display it in the window.  Don’t use stock photos or bland pricing boards. Use photos of your actual food and brand the pricing board in way that is as individual as you are.

Always, let the customer know they are valued.

A Fish and Chip Shop is a great business and anyone who can sell good, fresh food and keep a spotlessly clean premises and happy staff should do very well.

If you are Fish and Chip Shop owner and would like to Insure your Fish and Chip Shop, please get in touch with us. We\’d love to hear from you.

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