Importance of Good Customer Service for Takeaways


Importance of Good Customer Service for Takeaways

With fast food being a popular eating experience and consequently fast food outlets being so plentiful, it is only natural that the savvy takeaway owner or manager wants to be the best and stand out to ensure repeat custom.

Any good restaurant boss knows that customer service is key to the success of the business.  Repeat custom and a great reputation cannot be underestimated and the same is true in the takeaway market.  Customer loyalty is a hugely essential component of a successful thriving takeaway business.

A good way to achieve this is to walk into your takeaway at different times, when it is busy and when it is quiet.  Acknowledge what the staff are doing, what the customers are doing.  Feel the atmosphere. Generally, people don’t like to be kept waiting, if they are kept waiting or do need to wait; the majority do not mind if they are kept informed or if they are kept entertained.  This entertainment can be as simple as a gracious owner or manager, apologising for the wait and chatting to them.  Another useful tool is an advertising screen which as long as there is a variety of adverts will keep the people entertained whilst they wait.  At quiet times are the staff still engaged?  It is even more important for a customer who walks into an empty takeaway to be acknowledged quickly by a friendly member of the team.

A busy takeaway in a holiday resort should not become blasé because most of the customers will go home soon and not return.  Look after the locals who will be the backbone of the business in the quiet times of the year.  Also, remember that they are the people who will recommend your business to others.  It is very important to remember as well that an unhappy customer will spread the word far quicker than a happy one would.

Keeping all customers happy is key to a successful takeaway; it is the lifeblood of the business along with good food and hygiene.    

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