Ice Cream Van Insurance Quote


Ice cream van insurance quote

Hopefully summer has arrived and what better way of celebrating its arrival than with an ice cream?

The ice cream business in the UK can be traced back to King Charles II. Whom it is claimed, first tasted ice cream whilst exiled in France.  When he was restored to the Monarchy in 1660, he continued to be inspired by the tastes and fashions of the country that had sheltered him.  Charles, it is rumored, paid an ice cream maker a yearly stipend to keep the recipe secret. However, by the 1680s the secret was out, and ice cream was being enjoyed not just by royalty but also the general public to.

My word haven’t we come a long way since then.  Ice cream is readily available via a multitude of vendors from the humble corner shop, to supermarkets, ice cream trikes to ice cream vans.  Ice-cream vans come in various shapes and sizes.  Not so common place now but were a favorite in days gone by were Mini ice cream vans that often had a bat man cowl or cat/kitten cowling.  Nowadays ice cream vans are built from Ford Transits or Mercedes Sprinters with a new unit costing up to (and in some cases in excess of) £100,000.  Business consideration must not only be given to trading styles, opening hours & locations but to insurance to.

Not only are you deciding to invest is such a costly asset (an ice cream van), other business considerations must be taken into account too such as trading styles, opening hours and locations as well as what insurance needs you require too.

You need confidence in the ice cream van insurance policy for your van.  With this in mind, our team of ice cream van & mobile catering insurance experts have a policy from leading UK & Lloyds insurers for your piece of mind.

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