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Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

Fish and chips are a classic British delicacy. It is a dish we view with pride and for many, is the perfect treat. The origins of fish and chips, however, is somewhat disputed and unclear. Where did this meal actually come from and why is it part of British custom? Back in the 1860s was supposedly when fish and chips first appeared in the UK. 50 years later, there were thought to be over 25,000 shops selling the dish and just ten years after, that number had increased significantly. Where the first shop in the UK was situated remains uncertain. The earliest known shops were opened in the 1860s, in London and in Mossley, Lancashire.

Nowadays, fish and chip shops are everywhere. Brits eat an astounding 382 million fish and chip shop meals every year. It has become an extremely popular business venture and there is plenty of appetite for customers. There are plenty of things to think about if you decide to open a fish and chip shop yourself, from location to precise menu. Insuring your business should also definitely not be overlooked. Finding the most appropriate cover and policy may be a key aspect of your to do list, and it can take time to scout out the correct cover for yourself and the business.

There are plenty of things take into account when insuring your fish and chip shop. The right insurance is appreciated by a business owner, due to the risks involved when working with hot oil, fryers, pans, heated equipment, sharp utensils, and serving the general public. You can prevent accidents from happening, but insurance will still give you that peace of mind that you may need to feel confident with your workplace.

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