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      As the days are getting shorter and colder what better time to start a mobile catering business from a van or trailer. Setting up a mobile hot food business is a great idea especially over the Autumn and winter period. What better way to warm the soul with a mug of tea or coffee and a bacon sandwich? I’ve noticed that the street food boom is now finding a growth in market caterers. Recently I visited The Shambles market in York a great atmosphere and such a diversity of street food. Greek, Indian, Chinese. Forgive me for showing favoritism but the Greek was something special, but that’s just me! But I’ve yet to see a Greek food van.

      Along with the food style you must consider where to place your catering unit. On a busy thorough fare with lots of foot traffic. In a lay by on an A road heading toward the motorway? Just things to consider to make your business thrive.

      Also worth considering is your insurance for your unit. Vehicles are easier to get there with and the choice of vehicles is endless. Ford Transits, the backbone of England as the tv add went or there’s the Mercedes Sprinter vans. Or the Citroen H vans but to be honest these vintage vans are most likely to be seen eye catching at shows or events across the UK.

      Another consideration for your business plan is insurance. Insurance for your van and your business too.

      Both these types of insurance don’t have to be difficult to arranged or expensive. Catering van insurance from us is based on the type of business you run. For ease we just need to know if you run a hot food van, an ice cream van or say a jiffy truck and we can look at the cost of the vehicle’s insurance. We don’t necessarily need to know if it’s a Transit, Citroen or Mega, it’s the use we need to know.

      A big plus is also that as long as you have a no claims bonus on a private car or another vehicle, we can mirror that no claims onto the catering van. Also, by keeping the number of drivers down rather than having a policy that covers any driver as that helps to.  Whilst on the subject of ‘Any Driver’ insurance cover, it is worth noting that many insurance policies come with the proviso that some policing of your policy is necessary. I many cases drivers must have held a full UK driving license for a given number of years. Drivers with convictions or claims may not be automatically allowed to drive your vehicle either. So, if such a driver is required to covered to drive your vehicle check with your us before allowing them to drive.


      If you are a mobile caterer, you will require Insurance for your Catering Van. Speak to us regarding your mobile catering van insurance. We work closely with a select number of insurers to bring you a product that offers the best coverage at an affordable price. We specialise in Catering Insurance, helping you get back to work should the worst happen. We will have your livelihood covered with our policies.

      We offer Catering Van Insurance for Catering Vans, Burger Vans, Fish and Chip Vans and Ice Cream Vans. If you own a Catering Van business, you might be considering to purchase Catering Van Insurance. We are one of UK’s leading catering van insurance providers. With all the various options out there, things might get a bit confusing. We have been selling Catering Van Insurance for many years. If you want to get a quote, or simply need information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you. We have a team of Catering Van Insurance specialists, who will be more than happy to talk to you. To get a quote, fill in a quote or give us a call.


      With our insurers its whether or not you sell hot food.  Hot food vans have a higher chance of a fire claim occurring, so these business types pay a higher premium because they are technically a higher risk. But the cost of insurance wouldn’t differ between Indian, English or Italian cuisine for that matter. The question simply is what’s your vehicle style? Hot food, ice cream, coffee van etc.

      Yes, we have access to a policy where that is possible with Aviva. For ice cream vans & hot food vans. Hot food vans require a hazardous good questionnaire completed and quotes usually need a 24-hour turnaround.

      Your insurance should be based on where you keep the vehicle when it’s out of use not your address. When the van is out of use is when it’s at greater risk for theft. That’s how our insurance works. When the van is in use, you’re with it so what’s going to happen?  It’s when you leave it and where you leave it. City center residents, get some secure parking facility just out of the center. The post code ought to have a lower rating and provide a better price for you.

      You would expect us to say no, would you? But sometimes it is possible. With a cheap quote however what’s vital to consider is does a cheaper quote give me all the level of cover that I need?  Find out and compare the policy excess. Is there a mileage limitation? Who are the insurers and what is their financial rating? Will they be able to pay a claim? Do I have fire cover and check this in a sample wording that the agent should send you but only sometimes if you specifically request one.

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      If you are looking for Catering Van Insurance, then you have come to the right place. Please request a quote now.

      There are many benefits to insuring your Catering Van with us. Our Catering Van Insurance quotes provide:

      • Low Cost rates to save you money
      • Reputable Insurers including KGM and AVIVA for Catering Fleet Insurance
      • Full Fire Cover as standard
      • Policyholders aged 21 and over
      • Flexible payment options
      • Access to a replacement Catering Van in event of a non-fault claim (ask for details)
      • Exclusive discounts available to our customers
      • Fixtures & fittings covered
      • 24 Hour Claim Line
      • UK Based Call Handlers
      • Modified Catering Vans Covered

      Our exclusive schemes also offer the ability to protect 5 or more years NCD for free.  Also, why not ask one of our Catering specialists to quote for Breakdown and Recovery for your catering van.